Big Summer Update

Today marks the launch of the 2013 summer update for RF online and as you would expect it’s a big one. OnNet Europe GmbH announced the updated list of features, along with a line-up of in-game events to celebrate the update, including return player rewards, new player bonuses, a cash shop lottery and a 20% discount on everything in their in-game cash shop.

The Big Summer Update also includes improved class balance and new abilities, the re-addition of traps and solo gates, an improved crafting system and a sleeker, more optimized UI.

Overall the specific class balancing and auto attack tweaking should provide a more balanced experience for all classes. Attack ranges for various classes and abilities have been adjusted, trigger skills proc rates have been improved to be more consistent and class promotion rewards have been optimized to better suit each class.

you can the full details of the patch at the official patch notes.