What To Expect

Recently many updates have been confirmed for the free to play action mmorpg, Marvel Heroes.

An overhaul to the defensive system is changing the way damage is calculated and ensuring that all melee characters will be able to survive encounters and still do damage. This is aimed to stop melee characters being pigeon holed as tanks only, however if you wish to become tankier there are abilities you can learn to really increase your survivability.

Many characters are expected to be balanced in the next 2 weeks, a handful will receive large updates to change possible build paths, giving players more options. The Human Torch is closer to release and has 25 powers confirmed. Other characters confirmed for future release are; Emma Frost, Squirrel Girl, Luke Cage and Nova.

Unique items are being added, they should be as rare as you would expect unique items to be and will be previewed over the coming weeks. Super team items, relics and a rumoured attack on the X-Men Mansion are just some of the other things you can look forwards to.

It’s a really big update for Marvel Heroes, read more at the official site.