Guild Wars 2 Update Tomorrow – Cutthroat Politics

Coming tomorrow is the anticipated “Cutthroat Politics” update to Guild Wars 2. Starting tomorrow and ending on August 5th, players can take part in the Support Your Candidate event, using support tokens and coins to influence the in game outcome, vote in who you want based on what they promise.

Earn support tokens and loot in the Candidate Trials challenge, enter alone of with a group and face off against waves of Aetherblade pirates. Alongside the standard loot and support tokens you may also win a rare Aetherized weapon.

Also beginning tomorrow is the survival battle; Southsun Survival, were you face off against others in a last man standing style battle. You can also face off in the Aspect Arena, a team based fight with a chance at finding a rare, exclusive back item.

Will you back Evon Gnashblade, owner and proprietor of the Black Lion Trading Company. Or will you vote for Ellen Kiel, who wants to ensure the security of her beloved city.

Get more information about the candidates and more details about the other additions in tomorrows patch at the official site.