New Class for C9 – Demonisher

Webzen have recently announced the latest class to be released for their free-to-play MMORPG, Continent Of The Ninth Seal. The new class is the Demonisher, they are an advanced form of the Shaman that uses ranged attacks, group debuffs and a powerful steroid to improve speed and power. The new class will be available to play from July 24th which is also the 1st anniversary of C9.

Demonisher Official History

The Ikejan Mages, an ancient order that protected Glenheim, sought a way to maximize the connection with the spirits to defend the Sixth Continent, Raebin of invading monsters. To accomplish this, they developed the Orb, a new magical tool to communicate with spirits. Instead of connecting with the spirits, the Orb reacted unexpectedly, the spiritual energy created a new source of energy.

Some of Shamans wanted the new power, and became obsessed with the Orb ability to exploit the power of souls, instead of spirits. However, the other Shamans objected to the use of such magic depraved and war broke out between the two factions. To end this conflict, sanctions were placed on the use of the Orb by shamans, but those who still wanted to use it gathered under the protection of Paul, a mage elder Ikejan. Dark times have fallen on the world of Glenheim again. Shamans with the Orb will take this opportunity to reveal and unleash your newfound magic, calling themselves Demonishers.

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C9 1st Anniversary Event!

If a new class wasn’t enough for you, Webzen is also going to being giving away chests of items to celebrate 1 year of C9 so make sure you’re online on July 24th, don’t miss out! You can take part in the online competition hunting monsters where prizes include one of five V8MA Gaming Mice from Bloody.

New players can also create a new character starting at level 20 with some free items to make your start as smooth as possible.

Also, details are due to be released about a new continent that is coming to C9 next month. Stay tuned for more, coming soon!

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