Phoenix, the most popular Habbo Hotel emulator has  finally closed their doors after founder and head developer Aaron ‘Sojobo’ Marshall was issued with a court order several days ago. The court order ceased company assets that linked to the developers car. With the closing of Otaku , community members have voiced their concerns and support via the RaGEZONE forums. We contacted Sojobo about the matter and he had the following statement;

I’d like to thank everyone who helped and supported Otaku Studios over the years, it’s been a fun learning experience for me and it’s a real shame it had to end this way. I don’t want to say anything more specific at this point as the case is open and I’m not really sure what happens next as the documents I was served with aren’t even in English – it took me a few days just to work out that I had to turn off my websites and the papers themselves are.. lengthy.

What the future holds for the Habbo Hotel development scene remains a mystery but one thing is for certain, Sulake is out for blood.

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