The EDITOR included with Divinity: Original Sin is one of the game’s defining features, and Larian Studios is making every effort to create a tool that is both powerful and accessible.

To show just how smooth the creation process can be, Larian Studios tried its hand at one of the most famous RPG encounters; The Butcher. See for yourself:

But, there’s more…

Backers of Divinity: Original Sin now have the option to customize their rewards. Starting from the digital download or physical product tiers, backers are able to add funds to purchase rewards such as a digital artbook, beta access, and additional copies.

Divinity: Original Sin has now raised over $160,000 on Kickstarter in only two days.

We are grateful and your contributions are very encouraging to our team. We’d also like to thank you for all the feedback you’ve given us so far in helping us make our campaign better and offering ideas for stretch goals,” said Larian Studios founder, Swen Vincke.