The rescheduled start of the Ragnarok Online 2 open beta test period has gone ahead today, much to the delight of everyone playing. The beta originally ran from the 28th December 2012 but had to be stopped short on the 31st due to the servers being over loaded, I think the sheer number of people wanting to play was a little unexpected.

Asiasoft Online 1st announced the beta restart in order to make sure the servers were playable for everyone on launch, as such they took the server down for maintenance and made for a clean start today. I think this is a wise choice as these are the type of things you need to get right during a beta testing period.

Asiasoft will give 5,000 free RO2Cash to every player who has at least one Level 10 character in the game by 6th January 2013 so get leveling! Additionally, anyone who participated in closed beta or any of the test sessions held from 28th to 31st December 2012 will receive a special “Thank You Pack”, which includes 5 Explorer’s Purple potion, 5 Remote Storage scroll, 1 Spinel and 2 Butterfly wings. Terms and conditions apply and players can read more about the tokens of appreciation and join the open beta at

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