EVE Online: Retribution is the latest and 18th update from CCP games. It brings visceral consequences to the massive sci-fi universe, empowering you to exact revenge on a much larger scale than ever before. The bounty hunting system allows a new ability to openly sell kill rights means a lot more eye-for-an-eye justice will be had. A reworked “Crimewatch” system makes clear the outcomes of acts both legal and illegal while still leaving limitless choice up to you if you decide to commit them.

In a massive rebalancing effort, every frigate, destroyer and cruiser in EVE will be re-engineered to provide more gameplay options for new players and veterans alike, this should revitalize some of the less frequently used hulls. Each of EVE’s main factions will add a deadly new destroyer to the market with this latest expansion, alongside other new additions: a mining frigate, salvage drones and a micro-jump drive. Further, a situational music system will accompany dozens of revamped sounds in the game. There are also several major changes to the user interface geared to make EVE more intuitive without sacrificing any of its existing game play.

For more information go to www.eveonline.com/retribution and watch the trailer below to get you pumped over the new bounty system.

[youtube id=”hX0p0irEOls” width=”600″ height=”350″]