Aika Online is inviting players to celebrate the latest updates and the upcoming Thanks giving holiday with several in-game events and exciting rewards.  Hunt down the world’s perilous monsters in the Thanksgiving Holiday Drop Event, where from November 22 to the 28th mobs will drop special boxes full of useful items. During that same period PvP kills will also be rewarded with double the honor! Log in every day to enjoy a complementary item during the ongoing Play for Rewards Event, ending December 14th, and while playing receive three times the experience with the Thanksgiving Triple Experience event, beginning November 22 and ending the 26th.

New features in the update:

  • Duel System: Battle one on one against other players and win impressive bragging rights in the new Duel System.
  • Auto-Move: Never get lost on the trek to the next adventure with the Auto-Move button, now available for quests.
  • Auto-Follow: Follow friends as they run across Lakia’s beautiful vistas! This fantastic feature will make it easy to hunt down the opposing nation as a dangerous horde.
  • Player Inspection: Check out what the most powerful players are wearing with the new inspection tool.
  • Color Coordinated Quest Markers: Easily identify a quest’s type – from important to daily– with different color quest markers on the map and above NPC heads.
  • Visual Durability Icons: Know just how damaged gear is with new durability icons.

Fidn out more and play for free at their official website.