After the success of their recent beta phase, the gates to the monster-hunting MMO RaiderZ are open and the game is initially available in English and German.

Players will be treated to exciting battles against massive boss opponents, tons of quests, extensive PvP features and a sophisticated guild system. RaiderZ also allows you to create individual characters by imbuing them with over 350 talents and equipping them with a large catalogue of items.

Here’s what Rüdiger Mörsch, Product Director, had to say on the launch of RaiderZ: “I’m really excited that we’ve now reached release status after a thoroughly successful beta phase. I’d like to take this chance to thank our beta testers for the great feedback and ample constructive criticism. I’m certain that RaiderZ will be a lot of fun for the players and us.”

With a large update 1.1 already announced for early 2013 players really have a lot to look forwards to. Head on over to to download the client and play for free.