RaGEZONE has teamed up with Mechanist Games and we are pleased to announce that we have 500 beta keys to give away for the new up-coming title City of Steam. To obtain your beta key simply enter your email in the box below;

(Beta has now ended)

How to redeem your key:

  1. After getting your Beta key, head to the City of Steam website here .
  2. Register an account (or sign in if you already have one), copy/paste your Beta Key, click the register/sign-in button, then click on the ‘Play Now’ button and test out City of Steam’s Closed Beta release (or if the test is not yet up, your key will be safely activated and ready for when the game goes live).
  3. Enjoy!

The Closed Beta Test will run through 4 periods: Nov. 16-20, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Dec. 14-18 and Dec. 23-28, starting on Fridays (except for the last test, which runs from Saturday to the following Friday) at 19:00 PST (22:00 EST) and lasting until Tuesdays at 00:00 PST (03:00 EST). Keep your key in a safe place if you’ve received one early. Beta starts soon! Each Beta season will be chock full of events and activities that will give players a chance to win cool swag and in-game extras. This is still a Closed Beta version, so be sure to help out the developers by reporting bugs on the forum and getting involved with the community. City of Steam strives on community-driven development from input from players like you! If you would like to support the development further and get some cool extras at the same time, head to the Support Us section of the website.

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