Torn, the worlds largest text based game is set to continue expanding after it’s owner and creator Joe Chedburn both his staff and infrastructure.

The crime themed mmorpg is boating 11 shiny new dedicated servers, latency is expected to be a thing of the past, paving the way for a whole host of new features including;

  • New and improved UI
  • New attacking system
  • New crimes and sub crimes
  • Responsive design for mobile devices

New features due to launch soon include a fully interactive map of Torn City, complete with pan and zoom. The detailed map displays areas of the city to buy and trade weapons, the docks to buy & sell cars, army base, industrial areas, red light district, airport and much more. The map will become a key component of the game playing an integral part of faction warfare and missions.

Go to to play for free and check out their official facebook.