UI improvements already announced by GamesCampus included a new UI to track a player’s stats, new avatar evolution, a streamlined course and room selection with improved options like mulligans and time limits, as well as chat function additions and changes.  Now even more features have been unveiled during today’s patch, including a new course and golf rank for higher level players.

A new Town Square has been erected for players to gather in.  Alongside socializing, the town square contains important NPCs like shops, golf masters, an auction house, and more.Guilds will now be able to level up their guild houses to level 9 and 10 with sought after benefits for achieving.

In response to players’ feedback with the 30-day cooldown between advancing to new titles, the cooldown has been reduced to 24 hours (1 day).  Alongside this change is a new streamlining of titles, which were previously spread between levels 54-72 – now titles can be acquired in order between levels 55-71; a full list of these changes is available on the Shot Online website.