Coming this December is the long awaited open beta and act 3. The already popular mmo has raised over $1.2 million usd in crowd funded support with those players receiving beta access to the game.

The new act and open beta are a few months of so to keep you satisfied the PvP arena will be introduced in the next major patch, making the wait more bearable but bloodier. The game’s gigantic skill tree and skill gem combo system means thousands of unique character builds will be able to challenge each other.

When fully released the game will always be free to play with micro transactions available but never “pay to win”. I have seen this done well in a number of games and servers so I’m sure it will work well here too.

Players wishing to get into the beta can do so for buying at least $10 of their “ethical micro-transactions”, beta access is also being given away to member of the community so be sure to check their website out.

Official website here: