Luminary players aren’t going to be bored through to Halloween. Ghosts, witches and zombies and these guys don’t just want sweets!

You aren’t alone in stepping up to the challenge, the Valor Wisp will help lead you through the night and ward off evil that lurks in the darkness! This handy blue guy will buff you, give you more exp and if that wasn’t enough he will fight back to help you too.

Item hunters get going! The Deus box is ready to be found, this rare box for October is a supreme item that contains a wide collection of selected monthly rares from January to June 2012! Players are now given another chance to redeem rares they had missed by giving the Deus Box a try. Just a few of the items you can find inside;

  • Luminary Blessing
  • Wild Boar Medal
  • Silver Wing Doll Box
  • Beach Cushion Gift Set

There’s a communal jack o lantern event where everyone must work together to bring in the necessary items, when completed the town chief has the honor of lighting it. Once the lantern is complete, let the Monster Roulette commence! You can then roam around Luminary disguised as a monster or with special Halloween capes.

There’s more too, you guys are really getting spoiled, weekend boss events and surprise item mall promo’s.

Play here for free at their official website.