Wargaming has rolled out it’s latest and greatest update for it’s popular tank based MMO World of Tanks. With update 8.0 they have brought in major overhauls to the physics engine bringing in more realistic tank behaviour improving the strategy element for players.

Update 8.0 also adds a newly optimized user interface, enhanced rendering system for more lifelike and realistic visuals, as well as adaptive camouflage and new mini-map functions. Players can also now choose the combat mode type before entering the battle and transfer free experience into crew experience. The USSR tech tree has had 4 new destroyers added and the British now have their 1st premium machine, the Matilda Black Prince which just sounds gallant.

European players head here: http://worldoftanks.eu/registration/
North American players head here: http://worldoftanks.com/registration/

Register and try the game for free to try the new 8.0 update.