EVE Online has announced there will be a tournament held beginning this November  17th and running until December 2nd. The event is hosted in association with own3D.tv with $10,000 up for grabs. While past events have been focused on the existing alliance this event tries to give everyone a chance by allowing players to form their own teams with 1 player acting as captain a minimum of 8 players is needed to enter and 24 is the maximum allowed.

October 12th is the date that sign ups will be opened so captains need to be ready with their teams of at least 8 players and up to 16 substitutes although substitutes are not necessary to enter. It will be a single stage double elimination tournament with 32 teams total. Teams will go head to head with ship bans before each battle to add more strategy to the engagements with different fleets than we are used to seeing.

The prizes will be breaking down as follows;

  • 1st Prize – $6,000 plus in-game medal
  • 2nd Prize – $3,000 plus in-game medal
  • 3rd Prize – $1,000 plus in-game medal
  • 4th Prize – 25 Billion ISK plus in-game medal

You have to love how esports are growing and the money prizes are expanding into a great variety of games.

http://www.eveonline.com is the official website and the official blog for the tournament is here, click for more details on how the tournament will be run.