DK Online is an upcoming free to play mmorpg by Aeria Games. Sign up for the closed beta is going on now at, head on over to sign up for free.

DK Online is said to have a great PvE (player vs environment) side to the game with interesting and creative monsters to challenge you and your friends. In your adventures you will be taken from the magnificent floating towers of the capital city of Ledise to the Arabian-inspired palm trees and sandy surroundings that make up the desert city of Emtlant. There is a quest system with several types of quests including guild quests to earn reputation points, this includes repeatable quests but also bosses and dungeon raids.

The best gear in the game is said to be only available by player crafting which is a feature I personally love in mmorpgs. Players can trade the materials needed to craft and craftsmen can customize their creations with hundreds of runes used to augment their handiwork.

PvP (player vs player) fans will delight as guilds may fight their way to the top and gain ownership of castles. Alongside the obvious bragging rights and new guild applicants this is sure to bring castle owners may set 2 types of tax to further increase their wealth. The 1st is a hunting tax on all the monsters killed by anyone in the castle area and the 2nd is a sales tax on all items bought from NPCs within the castle, I wonder how much tax people will put up with before they rise up to take the castle themselves?