Luvinia is a free to play fantasy mmorpg and has “epic events” available through until October 3rd. Planned events include; Constellation Chaos which is a monster based scavenger event, Mooncake King where player will have to slice down a huge pastry and the new PvP guild wars on Alto Battlefield. It sounds like there is something for everyone.

The game now level caps at 89, boasts over 1000 quests on over 100 maps and have doubled the number of vanity items available.

“We treasure the friendly and harmonious community that has become Luvinia. Players have met, fallen in love, gotten married, expanded their families, and ventured across the massive world of Savejela to battle epic bosses, and best each other. It’s been a fantastic first year!” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “What makes Luvinia so special is that it’s a live game hosted by real Game Masters who are passionate about MMORPGs and have extremely close relationships with the players. We value the deep bonds that have formed, and look forward to working with Shanda Games and Simo to deliver even more exciting content as we head into the Fall.”

You can play Luvinia for free at: and enjoy their 1 year anniversary event running until October 3rd.