The newest expansion for Allods Online: Game of Gods launches today in North America and Europe with a host of features that add even more shine to the already polished free-to-play MMORPG. Make friends with the mentor system and then turn against them in the new, cut-throat PvP and raid maps of Allods Online: Astral Storm!

Players of the same class can now team up to level and get items with the new mentor system. Mentors receive free items and novices will learn how and when to use their skills under their mentor’s guidance. Join a friend who already plays Allods Online and train to match their level quickly, or take advantage of the automated matchmaking system to make new friends in the game.

While the mentor system brings players together, the new PvP Skirmish and Kingdom of Elements raid will pit them against each other in interesting new ways. Deserted Farm introduces smaller, faster, and more strategic 6v6 Skirmish battles. The winner must hold the center while keeping their opponent from taking control of the cannons on the edge of the map. Meanwhile, those who take on the new fire boss in Kingdom of Elements must guard their loot from other players in this open, free-for-all PvP area.

Allods Online improves and refines its systems with every patch, and players will be particularly glad to hear that Tep’s Curse has been permanently removed. Death no longer results in a cursed item, and the Holy Charms needed to remove curses have been banished from the game. On top of that, questing has been smoothed out with the addition of special indicators on the map, quest log, and quest items to make organizing quest objectives a snap.

Take a break from hard fighting with a trip to the tropics, as the popular Tropical Atoll events return for three weeks. Characters will trade out their armor for swim trunks to participate in summer beach events from athletic competitions to the ever-popular crab races. Feed your crab just enough to speed it up or feed your opponents’ crab so much it slows them down in this popular race to the finish!

Speaking of crabs, the Troll and Crab series returns with a new look at the expansion’s best features and a new adventure for its hapless heroes. The troll puts his newly reworked alchemy profession to good use by making a stew, but his crab friend’s efforts to collect the ingredients don’t go quite as planned.

Check out their adventures and learn more about the new expansion at the official page, or begin your own journey today at the official Allods Online sites for North America and Europe!