The Scorched Earth DLC for FPS/Tower Defense game Iron Grip: Warlord adds new enemies, weapons, and Deathmatch mode.

·         Deathmatch Mode added – play on the official servers to get your score added to our leaderboards, where the top player wins a free Deathmatch Champion T-Shirt when the countdown reaches zero!
·         Confederate Spy will call in airstrikes on your turrets and backstab players, all the while looking like an ally
·         The Propaganda Radio causes surrounding Confederate units to fire wildly all around them
·         Confederate Engineer builds the Deathhand Missile Launcher, which will fire at your turrets and leave a cloud of poison gas hanging in the air where it strikes
·         Rocket Launchers offer huge firepower, if you can find them
To celebrate the launch there will be a key giveaway on the ISOTX Facebook page on May 3rd, where people can periodically grab keys for the Warlord Complete Pack. Throughout the day will be other competitions and events offering other prizes, some linked to our other games Iron Grip: Marauders and Iron Grip: Lords of War.