Kill3rCombo have announced an in-game event, and an out of game event to celebrate Elsword’s first anniversary. Developers will also be sponsoring a contest to award five lucky winners a Nintendo Portable Gaming System.

  • Anniversary Cubes – Coupons will be awarded to players who craft special Anniversary Cubes which contain special rewards, including rare Ariel Magic Amulets!
  • Anniversary Cake – Now available for purchase, cakes provide 50 percent HP Recovery and Cure Effects.
  • Limited time Anniversary Coin – The exclusive Anniversary Coin accessory can be purchased from Luriel, and will only be available during the event.
  • Play time bonus – Players who are logged in for more than one hour will receive special rewards, such as Accessory Cubes, Ariel’s Ice Burner and Fluorite Ore Exchange Tickets.
  • Increased drop rate – Starting on Friday, May 4 through the weekend, there will be a two-time drop rate increase and EXP during specific times.