Sony Online Entertainment and the EverQuest 2 team have announced the latest update has been released. Skyshrine includes a level cap rise, now up to 92, an outdoor zone in Withered Lands with over 100 quests, solo and small groups, raid content and storyline events. Players can now obtain a new Drake mount, new tradeskill quest and new items as well.

The great citadel of Skyshrine has long housed the Claws of Veeshan dragons behind its massive walls and arcane protections. Now, the unthinkable has happened — it has become besieged by powerful forces. Players must battle and befriend dragons and their wurmkin in the forbidden city of Dracur, and explore the past to unravel mysterious events that transformed the formidable draconic city into a battlefield full of daunting challenges, fearful foes and unimaginable treasures!