Tera PvP to be delayed until later this summer

Bluehole Studio’s upcoming MMO Tera does look action packed, but i turns out that some of the action wont be a part of the game at launch. Publisher En Masse Entertainment has updated its official forums, informing players that Tera’s PvP battlegrounds will be delayed until later this summer. Their reason is because they believe that the battlegrounds still need a bit more added to it, to perfect and finalize the whole PvP playing experience. The same excuse as Diablo 3.

Tera is due for a release at the start of May, but players will have to make do with the MMORPG’s other PvP options until the battlegrounds finally meet their high “quality standards”:

“We want to get it right from the start. This means that battlegrounds will be a post-launch addition to the game while we hammer away at making them meet our high standard of quality, rooting out exploits, and maximizing fun factor. While we really wanted to have battlegrounds for launch, we think you’ll agree that this added time means a more polished feature and overall experience. Like you, we also think that waiting sucks. The good news is twofold: while we’re aiming to introduce battlegrounds late this summer, we’ll showcase the political system at launch with popular voting as the initial election method for all provinces. On a related note, we’re working to make it so that guilds will be able to declare war on each other regardless of server rule set.”