Elsword Online: Harmony festival offers

Elsword Online players will want to check out the game for the recent addition, Harmony Festival. Players taking part can take advantage of costumes, an increased stamina and special items to help recovery.

Also included in the Harmony Festival:

  • Free goodies: Harmony Festival Costumes are available free to all players and are the most powerful costumes released in Elsword to date! Harmony Festival Pie can also be purchased and used in dungeons to recuperate 50 percent HP and remove status effects. As an added bonus, players purchasing the pie will receive 20 free pies after the event has ended.
  • More lives: Resurrection Stone refills upgraded to six times daily.
  • New and rewarding quests: A plethora of new quests that add up to valuable rewards for participating gamers.
  • Exclusive Harmony Festival Accessory: Now available from the Item Mall, beautiful butterfly wings are available for only 500 K-Ching.
  • New throwing items: Players can use new in-dungeon throwing items to further expand their arsenal of monster slaying weapons.
  • Increased endurance: 50 percent less stamina consumption in dungeons.
  • Quickslot expansion and item additions: Players can now expand their Quickslots to six with an item purchased from the Item Mall.