As a gamer it’s obvious you have heard of Skyrim and may have wondered why no online game-play was carried out, but fear not! Developers at Skyrim-Online are in the alpha stages of creating a truly remarkable mod for the game. Skyrim Online as it’s known allows users from all around the globe to share in their favourite gaming experience together, albeit somewhat temperamental but despite being in the early stages progress looks great.

The alpha version currently has the following features;

  • Other players in the world are displayed as naked prisoners.
  • Weather and Time are synchronized.
  • Arena mode: Press numpad 8 to fight waves of enemies. Press numpad 9 to stop the spawns.
  • General Chat between players. Pop in and say hello. Type “/total” for the number of online players.

[youtube id=”PX2W5snxhGc” width=”600″ height=”350″]
Fore more update-to-date information simply visit the official website.