As Kingdom of Amalur has an estimated play time of over 300 hours, then getting a good start would be a no brainer. Ten Ton Hammer have released 10 top tips to which they feel will help your gaming experience greatly.

Here are a few of the tips:

Tip #4 – Save On Potions: Train Alchemy

One point is enough to give you a decent chance to harvest components as you venture around the world, and three points will all but ensure you can gather anything in Dalentarth. If you’re a fiend for healing potions, you’ll want to pay particular attention to Black Cohosh and Embereye. But don’t make more potions than you really need: components weigh nothing, but potions take up inventory space you’ll need during longer dungeon crawls.

Tip #10 – Match Your Weapons to Your Playstyle

Mid-range weapons like Chakrams get a ton of style points, but you have to be good with moving and dodging to stay close enough to hit, but far enough away to avoid getting really smacked by enemies. Those with sleepy fingers might want to stick to melee weapons, metal armor, and kite shields. But, again, no matter what your kit, remember to block and dodge!

To view all of the tips please visit Ten Ton Hammer!