In order to improve the player experience, we will be merging Worlds on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. After the merge is completed, there will be a total of ten Worlds, down from the current eighteen.

To ensure that the World merge is fair for all players, character transfers will be required for all existing characters. Players must select a new post-merge World for their characters, and will be reassigned automatically should they not do so by the established deadline. We urge you all to review the World Merge Summary and the Notes Regarding the World Merge.

This World merge is intended to improve the player experience during the period up to the launch of FFXIV Version 2.0. New Worlds may be added in the future, for example after the relaunch or when player numbers increase.



March 1st (Thursday) to March 19th (Monday) 2012 the character transfer selection period will happen. This is where you choose which server you would like to be transfered to. It is recommended that German/French speakers choose New World 10.

March 27th (Tuesday) 2012 the world merge maintenance will be carried out.

If a player has not chosen a world to be transfered to, then they will be automatically placed into a random world.

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