So, the 1.2 update is creeping nearer. There is no specified date, which is probably good, as to stop all the Minecraftians getting excited, then being dissapointed once Majong fails to meet another deadline. The estimated time of release is ‘probably Febuary’ so server owners, get prepared for the new update!

1.2 update is not limited to these 3 updates which are featured in this article, to to see a list of the changes visit this site.

New Mobs and Mob Behaviour


The update will bring us ocelots. Ocelots, like the Wolves, can be tamed and turned into a Cat! To tame an ocelot you need Raw Fish and a lot of patience. They can be found mainly in the new jungle biomes, which I will talk about later. They are very shy and will sprint away from the player. Ocelots, just like cats, are immune to fall damage.

To get the ocelot to come to you you need to stand perfectly still and not make any sudden movements. It will slowly come to you then you bombard it with raw fish until it turns into a cat! You are unable to chase the ocelot around like Wolves to be able to tame them, they will just sprint away. In the final 1.2 update, ocelots will be slightly easier to tame than in the previous snapshots.

Mob Behaviour

Mob behaviour has been changed with the introduction of Jon Kågstrom, an AI specialist, and some amazing and exciting results have occured from this.

Skeletons and Zombies flee to shade and water when the sun rises to stop themselves from dying.

Mobs no longer will attempt to jump over fences, and they no longer try to jump over signs if the fall behind it is too far. This means that any mob traps using huge falls and signs will not work anymore!

You will be able to breed Wolves by giving them chicken, porkchops, steak/beef and rotten flesh once they have been tamed.

Villagers detect villages and automatically go and live in them. They no longer need to be locked inside thier home from fear that they will flee the house and roam the worlds of Minecraft! They will roam at day, and stay inside at night and will be able to open and close doors.

All mobs have better AI and are able to move around obsticals better; yes, this includes Wolves and awkward doors!

Now, this is my favorite part of Mob Behaviour updates, Creepers are scared of cats and run away from them! Definatly a brilliant reason to tame Ocelots and have guard kitties!


Jungle Biome

Well, as the name says, its a Jungle Biome. The Jungles have their own tree type, have thick brush on the forest floors, and vines growing everywhere. A pair of sheers would definitely be useful to cut your way through, or you could use the new added feature to vines, and climb your way through the jungle!

You are able to create your own giant Jungle trees by placing jungle saplings in a 2×2 area, and either wait for them to grow or apply bone meal to each sapling.

To find more infomation on the updates, please visit MineCraft Wiki Upcoming features.

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