RaGEZONE’s own Dawson recently posted the following on the RaGEZONE forums;

There’s already many people saying “pm me for src lawl” So, I may as well post it. I want to give a shout out to whoever Incognitos is. He had good intentions releasing this he just didn’t know the full circumstances so I can’t be mad at him. It was an honest mistake. Nonetheless time can’t be turned back and the source IS out there. No support will be given, and any deals you make with people regarding the source has nothing to do with me or my projects. Again, at the respected developers MAIET you should work on security it’s not like I’m the first to have the source and you know this. So if for whatever reason your lawyers read this thread I feel no guilt in releasing this, you brought it upon yourself and I have no legal ties to the original obtaining of this source. If you have any copyright issues please contact the hosts which the files are located on and ask them to have the files removed.

To download the source Gunz 1.5 (Summer of 2011) source code then visit the following THREAD.