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MMORPG Tales of Pirates II has just opened the new expansion for viewing. Now, players can explore the latest expansion tagged as “The Dragon’s Awakening”. A not-so-easy challenge, but a very terrifying test is move forward in this new epic instance.

Tales of Pirates fans can battle with the dragon’s lair as you cross the threshold of the Black Dragon instance. After passing through this test, get to meet the formidable Black Dragon Monster. Charge up and never take this easy, because a hunger beast is waiting to be awaked!

In line with this, new features are added in this latest expansion- “The Dragon’s Awakening”. Several systems are in addition such as new Guild System, Monster Metamorphosis System, Game Aid System, Astral Soul System, and the Constellation gear quests.


Tales of Pirates 2 is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG from publisher IGG. Players choose from 4 races, take on one of two job paths and work with either the Pirates or the Navy. They can set sail or fight on foot. Tales of the Pirates 2 is in cute anime-style graphics. The main characters of this game are Lance, Phyllis, Ami and Carsise. The Primary Classes for level 10 are the Swordsman, the Explorer, the Hunter and the Herbalist. Once the player reaches level 40, Advanced Classes are made available.

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