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Publisher SubaGames has tied up with developer MasangSoft in bringing the first ever worldwide tournament for ACE Online after the game had recently qualified as an eSport-class game.

SubaGames will sport a Regional Championship for North American gamers with the top 2 players representing the region for the worldwide tournament.

Players with SubaGames account and an ACE Online character will be able to partake in the Regional Tournament. For North America, 1v1 battle is sported by ACE Online GMs granting the top 16 players move to the second leg of the tournament that will take place on the Area 525 server. The second round will pit players in a best of 5 duels wherein four players will be left to qualify for the final round. In the final round, all matches will be determined by best of 7 duels and the first placer as well as the second placer will be granted the chance of representing North America in the ACE Online World Championships in South Korea in November. All active participants in the tournament will receive prizes as well as the top 3 players receiving their distinct sets of prizes.


ACE Online is a free-to-play sci-fi MMO shooter where players take control of starfighter planes in thrilling up-tempo battles, fighting sequences, and adrenalin-filled PvP fights that demand players’ reactivity. At the beginning, players can choose between 12 different characters and as the game progresses, several gears are offered as well as bonus points are gained.The game offers unique gameplay, several quests and missions, plenty of customizable components, and a massive PvP battles. ACE Online is published by SubaGames.

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