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Gravity Interactive, creator of the mega hit MMO (Massively multiplayer Online game) Ragnarok Online, is all set to hit Facebook with their newest MMORPG title, Eternal Destiny, starting August 11, 2011.

In this anime-style game, the world is divided into several realms: Human, Demon, Asura, Infernal, Heavenly, and the unknown Chaos.

After creating the character of your own choice, you’ll find yourself in the world of Eternal Destiny; a land crawling with dangerous monsters and unearthly mayhem. Battle your way through rough terrain and help the citizens of the different cities with their requests and they will reward your generously for your efforts.

Once a player reaches level 30, they can choose a realm, join a guild or even create one!

Players will connect to WarpPortal, which hosts Gravity Interactive’s games, through Facebook.

If you looking for a new, free world to romp around with your friends, fighting monsters and watching your character grow stronger, Eternal Destiny sounds like a good start.