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The Aion team is proud today to announce the details of patch 2.6, coming to players August 3rd. Features will include a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible instance, Difficulty level adjustments, and more. Check it out.

· The “Crucible Challenge” – a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible Instance – with a bonus round

· New Auto-Party matching system for Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Steel Rake, Draupnir Cave, Dark Poeta, Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple and the Empyrean Crucible instances

· Dificulty Level Adjustments to Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible and Beshmundir Temple

· A new pet, the Runaaway Poppy – which has a chance to provide its master with Platinum Medals

· New conditioning stones to make your gear even better

· Improvements to the boss looting in Fire Temple and Steel Rake – You may receive a gear box as your loot, which will have an item inside that is applicable to your class