Below is an article written by (you can find the original here) regarding the guild system recently being analyzed by the Conquer Online team.

The Conquer Online team has posted a new blog about the guild system in the game. It’s a comprehensive look at how guilds are organized and gives a brief tutorial on the guild leader interface.

After constructing a guild, the Leader will have to fight alongside their guild mates in the epic challenge – Guild Wars! Why are so many guilds fighting to win the Guild War? Not only is there spectacular prizes waiting for them, but the winning guild will gain control over a special area – the Guild Area.

In this area, the Guild Conductresses are able to be positioned by the Leader, through use of the Guild Fund. If members from other guilds want to enter the Training Ground, they’ll have to pay for the use of the Guild Conductresses. The collection of entrance fees will be placed safely in the Guild Fund, which can also be used to restore the HP of guild pole when it’s under attack in a Guild War.

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