Below is an article written by Gaming Blend (click here for the original) about Operation Gamma 41, who recently went to the status of “Open Beta”.

The fascinating new strategy-based MMO from Just A Game is currently in open beta. It really does take the phrase “massive multiplayer” seriously as the entire game’s progression and endgame are based on the decisions each and every player makes.

Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A Game explained how the system worked, saying…

“Operation Gamma 41 offers a unique, never seen before dynamic storyline: the decisions of all the players on a server have a significant impact on how the story develops and will even change the game itself”… “The epic tale surrounding some of the secrets of World War 2 can have multiple endings and is underpinned by a complex economy system, interactive battles that offer many tactical options, diverse character development for Commanders and a very sophisticated PvP-System as well as many options for clans and solo players”

Basically, gamers will assume the role of an Axis or Allied force during 1941 as they battle against each other for territorial control. Much like X-Com (the original and not this remake) Operation Gamma 41 features lots of base maintenance and personnel micromanagement.

The interesting aspect of this game is that for players on the same side, they can team up together and use team tactics to take down foes. Alternatively, there are some secret missions that players will be tasked with carrying out like some sort of special spy.

Well, the game is currently available, up and running for anyone who is looking for something slightly different in the world of multiplayer online strategy games. A few of the key features can be viewed below or you can start playing the game by visiting the Official Website.

Operation Gamma 41 Features:

.Three Factions – choose between Allies and Axis factions, and brace yourself for a brutal encounter with an unknown faction.

.Competitive Combat Modes – challenge your enemies in arena duels, single and Co-op mode, conquer their capitals and forge powerful alliances with your friends.

.Create Unique War Heroes – choose between various, powerful, customizable and upgradable war leaders with different skills, status and breed your own heroes.

.Direct Battle Control – control your ground and airborne troops – move and attack in real time.

.Unique Player Driven Story Line and World events.