That’s right, it’s back. The MMO that was announced to be a ground shattering, genre crossing, thug life experience crafted by the creators of the ‘Crackdown’ series is coming back after it’s initial failure due to improper administration and billing systems that made little to no sense.

The game officially shut down September 16, 2010, and was purchased by K2 Network, for £1.5 million shortly after. With the new purchase came some changes, first and foremost is the change from pay to play, to free to play. It seems a lot of MMO’s are taking this route lately; A name change is also in session with the new name being “All Points Bulletin: Reloaded”.  K2 recently rolled out the closed beta for stress testing and  game testing. As of March 3rd they have 5000 CBT accounts, and there are talks of enabling another 5000 CBT accounts due to the large success of their initial results. There have been no official updates since if this has happened or not. They also plan to launch EU servers for the game shortly as shown in the quote from their official blog

Next week the goal is to work on the European data center (though it MAY not yet be able to handle the traffic for another 10 days or so, but we will update mid next week on the status).

Presuming the EU build-out goes according to plan, we would start the process of shifting people over to EU that “belong” in EU (since we are now permitting people to play in the US even from a long distance) once that datacenter is live sometime around March 15.

You can read more on the game and it’s beta progress on their official blog: