After nearly a month of voting Runescape Developers have confirmed that the Wilderness and free trade system will be coming back! The free trade system will allow players to trade items and coins without the current restriction that disallows players to trade items without the average price being put in the trade box. Runescape has given players two weeks to prepare for The Wilderness and has put a countdown on there home page.

Thank you to all those of you who took part in the historic RuneScape Referendum, which ended on Friday. We received an incredible 1.2 million votes, with a united 91% of you voting for the restoration of free trade and the Wilderness. We have heard your call and will be restoring these much loved features to RuneScape on Tuesday 1st February.

The clock is ticking and you have just two weeks to get ready for this monumental update. To help you prepare, we will be releasing a series of guides, FAQs and expert advice about the Wilderness and free trade, so that players both old and new can get ready for this epic release.