Jagex, RuneScape’s publisher,  has posted some interesting information regarding what lies ahead for the future of RuneScape in the year 2011. A new year brings many new updates, some of which include high level bosses, level 80 gear, bonus XP and more which are all awaiting players over the next few weeks.


Defeating RuneScape’s most powerful and intelligent boss to date won’t be easy, with its arsenal of over 15 unique combat moves, each designed to test even the most powerful of players. You’re going to need help from your clan or some friends to take it down, but huge riches await those who succeed:

With a fully voice-supported battle and some of the richest graphics in the game, it’s shaping up to be one of the best and most exciting areas of RuneScape.

  • Brand new cosmetic robes for anyone with a need to show their loyalty to ‘The Big Z’.
  • A brand new ’ammo-free’ bow, as fast and accurate as a chaotic crossbow and as powerful as dragonstone-tipped rune bolts.
  • Brand new level 80 ’life point-boosting’ armour for rangers, mages and warriors with the best defensive statistics available to date, significantly changing the way high-level players will think about combat in the future.
    • To read an in depth and further elaborated list of future updates visit the official post:

      Behind the Scenes – January .