Over the years the MMOsite Readers Choice awards have grown up from a  small awards website event to just recently having more choices then you can shake a Chinese gold farmer at! The site boasts a whopping “1,088,821!” voters as of the time this article is being written. I attempted to find out just how many games there were to cast your vote for, I lost track around the 500 mark. Yes 500+ games to vote for, I eye balled the rest and figure around 800 in total(That is if my math is correct, although I wouldn’t ever count on my math being correct!)

The main divisions are “Best of”‘s in each of the following categories.

  • General (Example being best new game of 2010.. Vindictus anyone?)
  • Game Genre (Favorite MMOFPS is an example here)
  • Game Features (Best PvP etcetera.)
  • Pricing Types (F2P, P2P etcetera.)

The voting will run till January 16, 2011 and started back in November; so if you are passionate about your MMO’s and want to show your support for your favorite games/development teams head on over to the vote page and cast your votes before it’s too late.