In addition to my previous post, “Conquer Online Monk Class Revealed”, Conquer Online has released more information regarding the Monk class after a series of player concerns that the class brings nothing new to the game. The developers had then composed a small amount of information showcasing its unique skills and attributes.

Wu Xing – The Five Elements: For the very first time, CO brings the concept of “Wu Xing” to the game. “Wu Xing” is actually the short form “the five types of chi, that dominate at different times”. Water dominates in Winter, wood in Spring, fire in Summer, and metal in Autumn. At the intersection between two seasons, the transitional period is dominated by earth. As a master of “Chi”, the Monk was endowed with all five of these elemental powers. This is a great benefit to the PVE battles, especially when confronted with the giant bosses! A Monk will add different elementary attributes to his teammates, in order to boost their Attack or Defense against them. Players need to strengthen their cooperation and keep adjusting their strategies, if they hope to stand victorious against the demons!