In the dynamic world of multiplayer gaming, Discord emerged as the most superior tool gamers use to connect both textually and through voice chat. Gamers nowadays use Discord to gain an in-game advantage, given that the app is equipped with bots that can perform a lot of useful pre-programmed commands. These virtual assistants play an essential role when it comes to gaining crucial information or having fun when you’re not gaming which is why it’s important to be aware of the best ones when it comes to League of Legends.

#1 Miko – 9.8/10


Miko is a Discord bot whose main purpose is to forge new friendships and partnerships between players. This Discord assistant acts like a virtual matchmaker that brings duo teammates together, helping you find skilled players that you can win games and climb the ladder with.

It’s the most popular tool League of Legends players use to find new players nowadays, as it already connected over 90.000+ Discord users.

Key Commands

/duo – sends a duo request to a designated Discord user

/reviews – fetches all of the reviews of a user posted on the Duoo website

/lfg – posts an LFG post on all connected Discord servers

/help – for all commands

Why we love it

It’s safe to say that Duoo’s development team created the best League of Legends Discord bot, especially given that duo queuing is the fastest way to climb the ranked ladder. Miko uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to match you with compatible players based on your playstyle, rank, and language spoken.

In addition, you’ll never run into scammers or trolls while using this bot, as you can dissect a player’s reviews as well as their Duoo rating which determines their legitimacy.

#2 Baron – 7/10


Named after the League’s most powerful monster, the Baron bot is truly a force to be reckoned with as it’s one of the most versatile and useful Discord helpers out there. Baron is an amazing Discord bot that provides the user with a lot of useful information when playing League such as correct builds, runes, spells etc.

Key Commands

/synergy – suggests the best picks that synergize with your champion

/ultimatebravery – randomly selects a build path, runes, and maxing order for a champion of your choice

/streams – sends you links to the most popular streamers of a certain champion

Why we love it

Baron is a well-rounded all-in-one LoL Discord bot that can provide the user with essential tips and advice on how to win a game. Backed up with statistic-driven data, this bot can be a difference maker when it comes to crucial matchup and item information.

Furthermore, it’s a great tool for one-trick ponies that are trying to get the best with their favorite champion as it provides the user with access to guides and links to OTP Twitch streamers.

#3 OP.GG – 7/10


The creators of one of the most popular LoL websites turned their app into a pocket-sized version through this Discord bot. If you’re someone who’s always OP.GG-ing the opponents before the game, this bot will save you a lot of time and trouble as it provides all of the functionalities of their website in a more compact design.

Key Commands

/build – shows the most successful build path on a champion (win rates and pick rates)

/champion-tier – displays the current tier of all champions in a certain lane based on tier and region

/guide – lists out a detailed guide on a champion as well as some FAQ

Why we love it

Every ranked tryhard is always using OP.GG to get an advantage over the opponents before the game begins, which is why this bot is a stellar tool. OP.GG’s bot allows you to save a lot of time and CPU by not opening the website in your browser but rather providing you with all of the information through Discord.

#3 Martine – 6.5/10


Martine is a perfect utility Discord bot if you’re looking for a mixture of entertainment and useful LoL-related information. This bot is equipped with several interactive commands that are used to have fun with your friends as well as those that help you gain crucial League data. In addition, the bot has several useful miscellaneous commands that aren’t specifically gaming related.

Key Commands

/lolrotation – displays the current champions that are free to play

/lolstats currentgame – shows the in-game stats of a player

/alerts streams twitch – manages a stream alert for any Twitch user, notifying you when they’re live

Why we love it

If there ever was a jack-of-all-trades kind of bot, it’s this one, combining all of the aspects a bot needs to have to be considered useful.

Whether it’s League, casual, or not even gaming-related stuff, Martine’s got you covered with her versatile array of commands. Given the sheer number of commands the bot is equipped with, it makes a solid choice for every Discord server.

#4 Zoe Bot – 6/10


Designed to be an informative Discord helper, Zoe is a perfect ranked assistant that can provide you with all of the statistics you need. This Discord bot is great to have when you’re on your ranked grind, as you can check all of the relevant information about the players you’re playing with/against such as their rank and win rates.

Key Commands

/stats profile – presents all of the ranked stats of the chosen summoner

/stats matchhistory – reveals the matches in a player’s match history

/show players – creates a table with player statistics for all members within your Discord server

Why we love it

Zoe is an absolute pleasure to use in any Discord community with a lot of tryhard League players as it enhances a sense of friendly competitiveness. It’s very convenient to have a tool that tells you useful ranked statistics such as the most popular meta picks, ranked win rates, and ban rates.

Last but not least, this Discord bot has several dozen commands, all of which can be used to interact with the server’s members or learn more about the current state of the game.

#5 Urbot – 6/10


Urbot is a great addition to every Discord community that aims to increase the server’s activity by encouraging users to partake in some fun activities. You can use Urbot to collect digital collectibles such as skins and champions and trade such goods with other users.

Key Commands

/daily – provides you with your daily currency which you use to purchase items

/dailygacha – grants you a free skin which you can trade or add to your collection

/leaderboard – shows the global leaderboard of players with the largest collections

Why we love it

If you love League but you’re tired of the game itself, you can still enjoy the Runeterra’s universe by using Urbot. This bot brings a lot of fun to every server that he joins as he increases the engagement of the users by encouraging players to collect gacha skins and similar collectibles.

Apart from in-server interactions, Urbot is a great tool to help you make new connections with new players that aren’t on your server through trades. Sadly, the large number of errors when running the bot’s commands can sometimes turn off the fun button and dampen the entire experience.

#6 PatchBot – 5/10


Much like the name suggests, PatchBot is your perfect companion to help you keep up with all of League’s newest updates and patch notes. It serves to automatically update text channels whenever a new patch drops or a mid-patch update, revealing all of the changes to the user

Key commands

/subscribe – subscribes you to a game of your choice after which it will notify you of new updates

/recent – displays all of the recent games/software added to the Discord bot

Why we love it:

Every competitive League of Legends player knows that one of the keys to success is knowing everything about the current meta. That’s exactly why PatchBot is so valuable as it keeps you up to date with all of the shifts in League’s ever-evolving meta game.

Another great thing about Patchbot is the fact that it notifies all of the server members when a new patch is live, ensuring that you will never have to enter another ranked game unaware of the newest buffs/nerfs.

#7 RiotWatch – 5/10


Primarily designed to assist players that play multiple video games designed by Riot, RiotWatch is a great tool that also helps players elevate their League-related knowledge to the next level. When invited to a server, the RiotWatch bot can be used to inform the user about the latest patch notes, eSports news, and even niche topics such as lore.

Key Commands

/track patch notes – tracks the newest changes in League’s patch notes

/track lore – notifies the user whenever a change in Runeterra’s lore happens

/track esports – starts tracking all of the newest esports stories

Why we love it

RiotWatch is truly a unique tool that helps players stay up-to-date with their favorite Riot games’ video games. Once you pick the game you want the bot to track, you will never miss any news regarding that game, especially after you narrow down the tracking results with the usage of the bot’s tracking filters.

#9 Heimerdinger bot – 5/10


Heimerdinger bot is a lightweight Discord bot whose main purpose is to assist you while climbing by giving you advice on how to play certain matchups. It’s also useful if you’re confused as to which item provides you with the best value as you can check the exact stats and details of any item.

Key Commands

h! cooldowns – displays cooldowns of a certain champion

h! counter – based on win rate, lists the most popular picks that counter a certain champion

h! item – presents all of the stats and details of a certain item

Why we love it

This Discord bot is a perfect tool to use when you don’t have enough time to visit all of the websites you usually would for ranked help. With a few clicks, you can know the perfect picks against a champion as well as cooldown durations that can increase your outplay potential. The only downside of using the app is that it’s sometimes inconsistent and buggy.