Combat is the main focus of most massively multiplayer online games. Arguably, the best MMOs to play all rely on epic action. From Black Desert Online to Neverwinter, not to mention MMORPG classics like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, combat mechanics take center stage. Granted, casual activities like fishing and farming are also on the menu, although they take a back seat to all the slashing and raiding.

But what if you grew tired of exploring a world of never-ending conflict? Well, you may put your sword back into its sheath as some MMOS take an opposite approach to your run-of-the-mill action-packed formula. So, let’s check out some non-combat MMOs worth exploring for a chill gaming session.

Villagers and Heroes

We kick off our list with a slightly contentious entry, for Villagers and Heroes isn’t devoid of fighting. In fact, combat makes up a large chunk of this cross-platform MMO. Mastering the game’s intricate combat system is key to fueling your hero’s journey and leveling up your abilities. Playing as a fury warrior, a lightning warrior, or perhaps an earth shaman, you can concoct powerful potions and enchant your weapons to take down formidable monsters.

But you may as well travel through the diverse regions of the Seven Realms at a more relaxing pace. This expansive fantasy world invites exploration across icy peaks, mysterious caverns, and sandy shores alongside fellow community members. With a strong focus on social gaming, this engaging MMORPG even allows you to share a village with your friends and work hand in hand to make it thrive. Other casual activities include bug collecting, fishing, gardening, cooking, and tending to your pets.


An official beta release trailer has just dropped for Palia. Launching on closed beta in August, this cozy adventure might be the next big thing in the social MMO realm. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Palia is a life simulation MMO that takes you to a whimsical world where long-disappeared humans have started to resurface. But as a newly re-emerged human, you don’t have to fight hordes of enemies to get to know the inhabitants of this world of wonders. Instead, you can befriend your fellow residents to discover their unique stories.

Additionally, Palia focuses on eight intertwined skills comprising cooking, fishing, hunting, insect catching, gardening, foraging, mining, and furniture making. You can therefore explore the wilderness to gather the very resources you’ll turn into hand-crafted pieces of furniture you may use to decorate your perfect space. To improve your cooking, you can tend to your garden or cast a line in fish-rich lakes and rivers. While combat-like adventures won’t be entirely absent, players will have the opportunity to opt out of those. And developers have confirmed that PVP combat will be off the table.


Decentraland might not be your typical MMO. But this decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology is your gateway to a community-centric virtual land. Long story short, this open-ended metaverse is what its users make of it. For instance, the platform introduced a role-playing game called Wilderness P2E. Users can navigate this fantasy play-to-earn RPG using spells to combat NPCs. But you may partake in many more non-combat activities. Several events spruce up the Decentraland experience regularly, such as sports competitions, live performances, and art exhibitions in partnership with established institutions like the Venice Biennale. This virtual world also encompasses various entertainment areas, including the Vegas City district.

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Combat is the core focus of a long list of MMOs. Yet, the games above bring a fresh perspective to the genre and all but show that you can have fun online without grinding combat XP. And there are more non-combat MMOs currently under development, such as the solarpunk social sim MMO Loftia.