The end of the League of Legends EMEA Championship playoffs has been reached. Today, four formations were fighting for the remaining three tickets to the group stage. Finally, in the next part of the struggle, players from Team BDS, SK Gaming and KOI will appear. Eliminated second was Astralis. Astralis was eliminated second.

As far as promotion issues are concerned, here the game started with the second battle. Earlier, however, Team Vitality suffered its seventh consecutive defeat, and this time the Bees’ tormentor was EXCEL ESPORTS. After this duel, Team BDS started the fight to move on. The rival was not easy at all, as MAD Lions stood on the other side, but the Lions had four series losses before the match started. As it turned out, they added a fifth, as the representatives of the Swiss organisation proved to be much better.

Later, KOI won promotion to the next stage of the LEC. KOI faced Astralis. Both formations had the same balance and for both a possible win meant sealing their place in the next section of the competition. Emil “Larssen” Larsson’s team, however, left no illusions and destroyed Adam Ilyasov’s team. Despite the defeat, AST was still not certain of dropping out at that point, as they could still count on a Fnatic win and a potential tiebreaker.

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SK wins against Fnatic and knocks Astralis out of the race for the ticket

However, before the battle between SK Gaming and the Black and Orange took place, it was Team Heretics and G2 Esports players who faced each other. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and his companions played a really even game against their favoured opponents. In the end, they failed to win and, what’s more, the course of this game itself was rather strange. It was all due to the fact that a bug appeared in one of the fights, which caused us to witness a forty-minute break. It turned out that restoring the skirmish to its previous state did not help, as the Samurai ended the clash in an instant.

The last encounter also had an interesting course. Initially, SK and FNC went head-to-head, with the former scoring in the upper section of the map and the latter mainly at the bottom. When it seemed that Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus’s team was slowly getting into the lead, SK pulled themselves together and started to deliver strong blows. As a result, many deaths started to appear on the account of the opponents’ shooter, among others, and he was an important part of the British organisation’s strength in this game. At the end of the day, Mark “Markoon” van Woensel and his teammates made their mark and secured their promotion, thus eliminating Astralis.

A rematch of the final. A strong start to the sixth round of the Ultraliga is being prepared

Rewanż za finał. Szykuje się mocny start szóstej kolejki Ultraligi

The tenth season of the Ultraliga is entering its decisive phase. On the first day of the sixth round of matches, the leading Zero Tenacity will face Orbit Anonymo, second in the table. In addition, there will also be important clashes in the context of the fight for promotion to the play-offs.

Clashes that are even on paper

Already the first meeting promises to be very interesting. In it, the Matural Forsaken will take on Illuminar Gaming. Both teams have occupied top spots in the table since the start of the competition, although IHG mainly loses to better teams and wins the worst ones. Things are different in the case of the team coached by Patryk “LastSurvivor” Węclewicz, as it takes points away from the favourites and gives them to the cinderellas. In the second match, the level may be lower, but the excitement is not necessarily lacking. Iron Wolves will play against Grypciocraft Esports after a change in the support position. Wolves are higher in the table, although GRP are fresh from winning the Meet at Rift: Invitational.

Match of the week in the second section of the day

The best match-ups of the first day of Ultraliga’s sixth round will be the next two. First, Team ESCA Gaming will play against exeed. Both teams currently occupy sixth place in the league with a balance of 5-6, so they will probably compete with each other until the very end for promotion to the play-offs. Next up, we will witness a match at the very top of the table. This season’s top-ranked Zero Tenacity will take on a struggling Anonymo. Last season’s cup final saw Z10 triumph in such a clash, but both teams are one change each. Meanwhile, at the end of the day, AliorBank Team will take on Komil & Friends.