When we talk about eSports, we usually don’t realize their impact on the world. This topic is not new; eSports were already prevalent decades ago. But today, they are not just popular; they have become a cultural phenomenon thanks to the internet. A clear example is World of Warcraft (known as WoW). This MMORPG game develops some of the most important events in the industry.


In case you haven’t heard of it, eSport bets are all the tournaments in which a certain number of professional or everyday players compete to earn various prizes. These contests can be huge or small, depending on the organizers. The most important tournaments are broadcasted online and through TV, reaching audiences of millions.

The players make a living from this, as with any job, sometimes receiving unbelievable amounts of money. They are called “eSports” because of the size and the level of competition, and also for the entertainment they bring, attracting fans from around the world.


As mentioned above, WoW is the protagonist of several eSports championships since Blizzards Entertainment (the company behind this and other games) regularly launches events. To participate, there are a couple of options. The standard way is to battle in the Arena Cup, a competition in which you must test your skills and win a place in the Arena World Championship.

Another alternative is to register for a non-official tournament. WoW, the community is exceptional and creates typically trustworthy events. However, you have to be careful of scams.

The standard playing mode on World of Warcraft eSports is the multiplayer battle with two dueling teams of 3 players. However, another much more challenging option is accessible only when a patch with a new boss has been released. In partnership with other companies, Blizzards created “Race to the world first,” a challenge where the first team to beat the new boss receives a reward. It is an extraordinary moment and is broadcasted live.


We can realize the scope of eSports in so many ways. The possibility of betting on tournaments and championships is one of them. As bettingsider.me, mentioned that nowadays, casinos and bookmakers offer regular sports and eSports to bet on. No matter where you are, you can access many wagering alternatives from the internet.

Try to predict the winner of a whole game or just the winner of the round. Play with statistics and more. If there is a way to make the streaming of World of Warcraft tournaments more exciting, wagering it is.

How to begin in World of Warcraft to become a professional player

Starting with this game, the first thing you need to know is the characteristics of the servers. Each of them brings different game experiences. The servers vary in their population and the activities that can be performed.

After choosing the server is time to make one of the most challenging decisions: what faction, class, and race will your character be? The factions are “the alliance and the horde,” two enemy nations in war. Each section has different races with established classes to choose from. The categories display different roles and playing styles, so you need to know the features of all these groups.

Now you have created your character after customizing the physical appearance; it’s time to begin your journey. You will see a short history of your past, and then you can travel for the map, interacting with the environment, other players, or with NPC, which may give you missions and tasks.