Competitions in video games have become a massive way of entertainment, with events broadcast even on TV. Every new multiplayer game developed by a significant company makes all the expectations grow. What will be the next protagonist on the eSports scene? Lost Ark is here to answer this question.

Smile Gate and Tripod Studio created this phenomenal interactive experience for Windows. It’s been compared to League of Legends because of some similarities in the gameplay style, but this is an MMOARPG, not a MOBA. It was released worldwide a little more than one year ago. In a couple of months it became one of the most-played games and one with the most views on streaming platforms.


If we want to go for the easy way, we can mention the graphics as one of the principal features that highlight. However, at this moment, amazing pictures can be seen almost on any new launch.

Of course, we are not saying that the graphics of Lost Ark are not insane. Indeed they are. But Lost Ark succeeded mainly because of the history and the entire lore. There are so many characters to choose from, with different abilities.

Furthermore, the activities to perform within this fictional world are almost unlimited. Permanently, Lost Ark is updated, adding extensions to the maps, missions, and tasks.


The best MMORPG games always allow you to customize your character, and this one is no exception. So, the first thing you need to do is to create your hero, selecting physical features among various options. After you have made your character, the next step is to choose an archetype and a class, characteristics that will define your abilities and fighting style.

Then, the action begins with an exciting “practical tutorial .”You will know the commands and all the essential things while you level up. The tutorial finishes when level 10 is reached.


The largeness of this MMOARPG makes possible some elucubrations about its future in eSports. Also, the cooperative game mode is well done.

At this point, we can find both official and unofficial tournaments, but they are primarily small team competitions. Over time, we expect to see significant events like those developed for professional championships of LoL.

The best part is that Lost Ark can be exploited in many ways, such as the opportunity to Play online. As a clear example, we got World of Warcraft. This famous masterpiece not only stayed in classical PvP tournaments but created a new way of competition like “Race to World First,” where the first team to beat a new boss wins a prize. In this case, a race to obtain a certain number of the collectible items in Lost Ark can be a perfect place to start.


The popularity of eSports during the last few years has made them win a place in casinos and bookmaker sections for sports events. Are you a massive fan of video games? Why not enjoy eSports from a different perspective? The problem is that Lost Ark is too new, and the existing competitors are not that famous.

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