Currently, the M4A1-S is the most used CS:GO weapon by Counter-Terrorists teams spread all over the world. 

Since the rifle has been buffed, it delivers great damage rates and an excellent cost-benefit when compared to the M4A4 rifle. Even after the last update that reduced the ammo capacity from 25 to 20 bullets, most CT players chose to keep the M4A1-S in hand. 

Read on for a list of the most exquisite CS:GO finishes applied to this blasting killing machine called M4A1. Enjoy!

M4A1 Skins – The Season’s Best Choices

Keep in mind that the following selection is not a ranking. These amazing skins were listed in a non-orthodox fashion and the criteria used to filter them were design, colors, uniqueness, and reputation among the community. 

Here’s an updated selection of the top M4A1 skins in 2022:

M4A1-S Play Two

Opening up our list, the M4A1-S Player Two finish features anime vibes and a cartoonish design. Most of the skin is multi-colored, but the skin’s background is all done in tones of blue covered by drawings inspired by video games and anime culture.

The handle and the front edge of the skin feature tones of orange. This skin is classified as “Covert” and can be dropped in the Prisma 2 Case. Realistically speaking, the estimated drop chance is below 1%, which makes it a rare item.

The average market price ranges between $16.80 – $112.97 depending on the level of wear and tear. StatTrak versions are also available between $32.47 and $235.77.

M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire

Chantico was the goddess of fire and volcanoes in Aztec mythology. Hence, a skin inspired by that epic concept couldn’t be anything other than amazingly designed. The M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire is full of Aztec elements and uses warm colors to give the impression that the skin is literally on fire.

With a scorching combination of crimson red, golden yellows, and minor tones within the same pattern of colors, you will not need a full glance at this skin to become an enthusiast. 

Classified as a “Covert” rifle, this skin also has a StatTrak version. If you are lucky enough to drop it on a Chroma 3 Case, you can purchase it directly on a marketplace for a price between $17.36 and $100.00 (depending on the level of wear).

M4A1-S Nightmare

Do you want to scare your CS:GO opponents and make them sweat in their sleep? The simple glance of an M4A1-S covered with a Nightmare skin will make them stand still in a pale reaction. Afterward, the vision will certainly haunt their slumbers.

All done in a sinister combination of black and cold blue tones, this finish looks psychopathic. As part of the “Classified” category of CS:GO weapons, you can drop one of these on Horizon Cases – only if you are lucky enough, of course!

Feel free to purchase a standard version for a price range between $8.55 and $44.86, with Factory New and Minimal-Wear items listed at higher prices. StatTrak versions are not available for less than $100 for a Factory New item.

M4A1-S Icarus Fell

In addition to being rare, the M4A1-S Fall of Icarus manages to show, very subtly, much of the story of Icarus in Greek mythology, who dreamed of flying to leave Crete but ended up falling into the Mediterranean sea and dying in search of his dream.

Inspired by this classic tale, this skin could not look fancier. Crafted mostly in tones of black and eventual “splashes” of sea blue here and there, this finish has a sleek-looking design that can turn you into a fan in seconds.

Released as part of the “The Gods and Monsters Collection,” this beautiful rifle classified as “Restricted” cannot be purchased for less than $505.21, which prices going up to $738.56 for newer items.

M4A1-S Hot Rod 

Beautifully crafted in shades of gleaming red and black, the M4A1-S Hot Rod looks fantastic. Inspired by sports cars, this finish can give your opponents a forecast of their soon-to-be destiny – a deadly all-red kiss from a powerful rifle bullet. 

A “Classified” item released as part of the “Chop Shop Collection,” the price range for apiece is between $655.69 and $667.73, considering Factory New and Minimal-Wear items only. 

M4A1 Skins – What You Need to Know

Imagine dropping one of these amazing skins without purchasing? What a lucky move! Nowadays, several websites offer this chance if you are not willing to purchase one of these skins directly. For instance, you can drop and withdraw skins on CSGORoll, Hellcase, and other case-focused websites.

While these skin options are excellent items for investment with good appreciation over time, there’s nothing cooler than applying stylish skin on an M4A1-S and flexing them in front of your teammates and opponents in competitive CS:GO matches.