“The metaverse keeps redefining itself, with millions of users venturing in daily, it is without no doubt that the metaverse will be the landmark for the future.” – Mark Boyd, Co-founder at CalltoCombat.

CalltoCombat is the world’s first MMORPG metaverse gaming project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The development of CalltoCombat is inspired by the dynamic gameplay of Combat and strategies and a phenomenal innovation of the GameFi industry that has modeled blockchain games.

About CalltoCombat (CTC) 

Ever thought of having a gaming experience that integrates the thrills of NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technologies? CalltoCombat combines all the above features to create the future of Gamefi now. CTC is a fun-based gaming platform that rewards users bountifully for completing a particular level. It is a first-person shooter game where players are mandated to free captives and overcome enemies.  

CalltoCombat consists of four levels and five distinct characters possessing unique fighting skills and capabilities, including the Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Generals. These characters, at all levels, are equipped to deal with sophisticated weapons such as RPGs, grenades, submachines, handguns, and other war firearms. There is also a standard health system – Medkits, purchased in the NFT marketplace and used to rehabilitate the health of injured players.


$CTC is the native token that fuels the CalltoCombat ecosystem. There is a total token supply of 100,000,000 $CTC. These $CTC tokens have been broken down and distributed among sections of the project. Liquidity takes 16%, the Team takes 2%, 15% is for DAO Reserve, Pcs & IDO is allotted 20%, 5% is for Game development, In-Game rewards gulps 25%, Airdrop & Bounty takes 2.5%, while 14.5% is to be burnt.

CTC IDO and Participation

The CallofCombat IDO date is slated for Saturday, November 5, 2022. To participate, a prospective buyer must first purchase BNB, have either MetaMask wallet or Trustwallet, connect the wallet to CalltoCombat, enter the desired amount of CTC, and then buy. After completing these steps, the $CTC token will automatically appear in the wallet.

Features of CTC

NFT Marketplace: CTC features a decentralized NFT marketplace where users and investors buy or exchange digital assets.

CTC Banking Fund (CBF): the CBF serves as a bank for the CTC platform. 15% of all sales and 5% of all buys are deposited in the CBF; from this reserve, all $CTC holders are assured of a high consistent interest rate.

CTC DAO Reserve (CDR): CDR stores features that are critical for the sustenance and growth of the platform


As the pioneer MMORPG metaverse gaming platform, CTC has championed a new course in the gaming industry. The game combines the fun of gamefi, the art of NFT, and the technologies of Blockchain to build an ever-thrilling experience for all game lovers. For more information on the project, kindly visit the website.