New World is a massively multiplayer online and role-playing video game published by Amazon Games in 2021. Although it was one of the most highly anticipated games before and during its launch, it quickly faced disappointment and received a bunch of negative reviews.

What was so upsetting about New World, and is it worth playing today? Let’s take a closer look at the game’s first and current version to see whether some improvements have been made.

If New World isn’t your cup of tea, we included some MMORPG alternatives you might be interested in, so make sure to stick to the end!

A discreditable launch

New World was famous even before it came out. That’s because the game had an extensive marketing campaign to promote its launch. As a result, the game gained impressive popularity immediately after it was first announced to the public.

Although the game was highly anticipated, problems quickly started to emerge. Namely, New World was filled with all kinds of issues. From poor game mechanics to scandalous problems with the currency at the Trading Post, the game was far from flawless. Of course, no one could forget the irritating queue times, with players waiting hours to join servers. 

Players reported problems even with the in-game chat, which allowed some players to abuse it. Overall, New World quickly gained a bad reputation, and players slowly started to scatter to other similar games.

What happened to the New World in the end, and where does the game stand today? Let’s find out.

New improvements

Almost a year after its initial launch, New World underwent quite a few changes. Let’s check out some of the main improvements.

Bug fixes

One of the biggest problems with New World was the presence of countless bugs that allowed players to cheat. Players quickly learned how to duplicate gold, shut down Trade Chat, and even cheat at PvP. Game developers have been extremely slow in addressing and fixing these bugs.

Better gameplay

Improper or slow game loading, frequent system crashes, and countless game mechanics issues caused frustration among players.

All these hardware and software problems ruined the gaming experience for many players. However, the game developers changed combat and AI interactions so that players could enjoy smoother gameplay.

Improved design

Numerous improvements have also made it to the design field. Although that isn’t a significant change, it does affect the overall gaming experience.

Namely, quest and location indicators got a new look, so they match the overall vintage game aesthetic. Other similar improvements are also visible in the game, which elevates the design to a new level.

New lore

The game developers were preoccupied with fixing the game bugs, so they put the lore updates on hold. However, when they solved and improved all major bug fixes, the team could finally focus on bringing new elements to the lore with the latest patches. 

New World alternatives

If you liked the concept of New World but aren’t satisfied with the improvements, you can check out some MMORPG alternatives. Here are some of our favorites.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMO games currently out there. Initially available only to the Korean audience, the game quickly became the go-to choose for western players, too.

Lost Ark lets its players dive into the epic lore of Arkesia. Although the servers are slightly overcrowded due to the increased interest in the game, it’s worth checking out. The biggest attraction might be the fact that Lost Ark is a free MMO. Considering the price of New World, it might be a turnoff for many MMORPG lovers. 

Of course, you can look for other people, reselling the games they did not like for a better price. Additionally, you might also run a VPN for PC to see whether your location plays a role in you paying more. It is common for price discrimination to make certain people pay more than others. Therefore, a Virtual Private Network application can let you escape it by changing your IP address and location. 

Guild Wars 2

As an award-winning MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 lets its players experience an entirely new approach to MMO games. The game is famous for providing immersive gameplay and encouraging players to explore every corner and nook they can come across.

Guild Wars 2 is undoubtedly one of the best MMORPG games currently available, so check it out to see if it matches your preferences.


Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. The game developers took all the classes, spells, abilities, and places from the popular tabletop game and turned it into a digital version. The game is packed with epic tales and quests, so players are guaranteed an unforgettable adventure.

Final thoughts

New World certainly got off to a rocky start. Still, the game developers and publishers are doing everything in their power to improve the gameplay and offer their players a promised gaming experience.

With numerous bug fixes and game improvements already implemented into the game, it might be worth checking out New World again. However, if you still don’t like it, the New World alternatives offer you similar or even better gameplay.