MMORPG games have become some of the most popular in the Esports community, with games like World of Warcraft growing in popularity daily, despite its creation in 2004. But if you’re an esports fan, how do you keep updated with all the latest comings and goings within the esports community. How will you know when your favourite World of Warcraft teams is going to be battling it out? These 5 esports apps are a must-have for keen MMORPG esports fans.

1. Twitch

Twitch has become the leading streaming service for Esports. Players create an account, and stream their games, with professionals having followings in the millions. The service has become synonymous with major social media outlets when it comes to gaming, and while its developers never really intended it for this purpose, gaming is the life and soul of what has made Twitch what it is today.

If you’re into MMORPG games, or any form of esports in general really, Twitch could not come more highly recommended. The Twitch app allows you to join the gaming community in a way that no other app can, wherein you can sign up, and watch the very best MMORPG gamers battle it out, and post their sessions.

Twitch is downloadable from both the google play store, and the iOS app store, and will inevitably change the game when it comes to being in the know about MMORPG games, and the gamers that are best within this type of game.


While YouTube is by and large the number one resource for all things streaming, there are a wealth of videos spanning gaming, with MMORPG games being amongst the most popular. YouTube can be an amazing resource for gamers. Videos on YouTube can shed insights, can help get through certain encounters, can teach users what to do if they get stuck, and can even help users get certain things that they didn’t have before.

YouTube is also a valuable resource when it comes to staying up to date with the comings and going of the MMORPG community, as many of the big gamers that ply their trades within this variety of games have YouTube channels that you can follow.

The YouTube app is a step above the website, as with the website you’ll need access to Google, and search for YouTube, then sign in and so on and so on. The app makes life far easier, as it allows you to come and go with the click of a button. You can download the YouTube app from the Play Store or the App Store.

3. ESL Events App

The ESL events app is a must-have for any die-hard esports fan that likes to keep up to date with everything regarding pro esports events. The app lists schedules, live scores, brackets for tournaments, player information, as well as information regarding new signings and so on.

This can be very handy to fans that like to keep in the know when it comes to events and statistics surrounding events and the teams competing within them. There’s no better way to stay up to date with your favourite MMORPG games than by knowing exactly when they’re playing, who the teams are comprised of and so on.

The ESL events app is available for download on the Google Play store, and the iOS app store, and comes highly recommend to users who want to keep up to date with the professional, competitive side of MMORPG esports.

4. Bet365 App

If you like to follow Esports, there’s a good chance that you want to bet on all the events that are on the go, and no site offers esports betting better than Bet365. Reviews of Bet365 from reputable betting app review website explain that Bet365 is not only among the top betting apps for traditional sports but is also a leader in what they offer for Esports betting.

The platform provides odds both pre-match and live and allows users to stream events, view detailed in-game statistics, select from a range of changing odds, and get informed by detailed blogs about all things esports betting.

The Bet365 app is also available on both the Google Play Store, and iOS App Store, and is a worthy inclusion on mobile devices of any Esports fan.

5. E Force

Another site that borrows a lot from what is found in esports betting sites, E force is an esports betting site without the odds. Well, what is an esports betting site without odds you might ask? A gold mine in terms of statistical value perfect for analyzing and keeping up to date on all the latest developments.

The E Force app offers a full-blown fan experience listing stats, live broadcasts, news, results, and everything within one single platform. The E Force app provides something that services such as Twitch and YouTube cannot, which is an unbiased overview of the MMORPG, and other games esports communities.

Another app downloadable from the Play Store and iOS stores, the E Force app is a must-have for Esports fans.